supplyartwork_toppgAlthough we have the capabilities of designing artwork for our customers using our resident graphic designer, we do get artwork sent to us via email. Below we give instruction on how best to send your files to us:

How do we output artwork?

Every artwork that we output to make a plate needs to be sent to our image setter as black (Black CMYK, not Black RGB). So if your artwork has different colours within it’s design, then the artwork needs to be converted to black and separated if needed. It’s worth noting that if CMYK black isn’t used, then the image setter will output the black as a tone.

If your artwork has different colours within the design, we would appreciate it if spot colours are assigned so that we can separate the artwork correctly.

We check artwork as much as we can, but we cannot be held responsible if the job you supply is incorrect, this includes the colour within a design.

Fonts, lots of fonts…

Please bear in mind that you shouldn’t assume that we own the font that you’re using in your artwork. Ideally, you should create an outline of your artwork before you send it to us.

In illustrator you can create an outline of your artwork by firstly selecting your artwork, then from the top menu…

Object > Expand > then make sure ‘object’ and ‘fill’ are selected (if your artwork has stroke in it, select ‘stroke’) > click ok

Preferred file formats

.ai (Illustrator)



The image setter accepts PDFs only, so all files not saved as a PDF, will end up being sent to the image setter as a PDF.

Word documents

Unlike Adobe Acrobat and other PDF readers, Word does not embed fonts. If we do not have the font you are using, Word will change the font on our system. Please let us know the font you are using or fax a copy of your artwork to us as reference which includes sizing.